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Future Plans

Imagine Establishing a Solid Beachhead Right Where the Battle is Raging.  

It is time for God’s army to take back possession of our cities—and JICF is doing just that in Minneapolis. We are doing it now. And we need your help to continue.


• Imagine a place where young men can learn to respect the law and take care of their families -


• Imagine a place where men and women struggling with addiction can find hope, understanding and guidance -


• Imagine a place where young women selling themselves to buy drugs can have a way out -


• Image a place where people can hear the life-saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We not only imagine these things, we know this is already a reality and we can do even better. We’ve already established the beachhead, but we can’t hold it without you. We need your help to hold the ground we’ve staked out in the heart of Minneapolis—right where the battle is raging. We need your prayers, and we need your financial support—and we need it now.

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