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Supper & Scripture

Who is this Jesus? Can I trust him? Should I trust him? These are tough questions we all face.


In 2000, Jesus in the City held their first “Christmas In The City" celebration. 21 years later, the outreach ministry is going strong.


Urban Ministry Theology Institute

This ministry of Jesus In The City is dedicated to the training up the next generation of leaders called to inner city ministry.



All of our men’s ministries include mentoring - motivating each person to make positive decisions that result in progress toward the healing of their mind, soul, and spirit and releasing them to grow toward God and their fellow man.

Praying Hands


JICF is blessed to have a very active and diverse women’s group who are often the backbone of the many outreach events and special programs and services that are such a vital part of our ministry.


Fall Retreat

Learn about bringing people to Christ.


Great fellowship and time with God,

 fishing & camp fires.


Fishing Tournament

Come and make new friends!

Fishing is Free!

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