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Pastor Norton Lawellin

Norton grew up in South Dakota where he was fortunate to have been raised by godly parents that taught him that attending church and trusting in Jesus would have a very positive outcome on his life. But even though he attended church as a youth, it wasn’t until he attended a Bible Study in college that he made his personal decision to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Norton’s small Bible Study group visited the Navigators in Colorado Springs for basic Bible training, where they served as counselors for Billy Graham events.

My Story

Norton’s God given talent for music is readily evident. It led him to the music industry and current role at JICF as Worship Pastor.  He’s been a worship leader at several churches in the past, and also served on church councils for six years working as Treasurer, President, and other roles.

Norton has extensive training in church leadership, especially Worship Arts and Christian Theology. This experience has proven valuable since he joined JICF in early 2012, and become an ordained minister. He states; "I believe God is planning big things at JICF!" The JICF Worship Team consists of two permanent singers, a guitarist, a bass guitarist, a saxophone player, and our drummer who has been with JICF for 18 years. We have four other pastors who teach, mentor, and lead small groups and chapel services.

Norton says; "JICF is a Bible teaching church with sound theology. It's a pleasure and a privilege to serve with the staff at JICF and I look forward with anticipation each day of what God might bring!"

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