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Kristen Hirt

Kristen “Krissie” Hirt is a former business owner, corporate executive, mortgage banker, and entertainer in the special events market. Her father and oldest brother were both Lutheran ministers and she was raised knowing about the Lord, but it wasn’t until she reached adulthood that she accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of her life, and she and her husband received the call to help bring His love to a desperate world.

My Story

When asked why she joined the Board of Directors of Jesus In The City Fellowship, Krissie explained, “I first attended JICF services at the request of a friend and fellow musician to fill in when the regular praise and worship team wasn’t available. What I found there was a family of people, led by Pastor Michael, who has a huge heart for Jesus and for going out to bring the Gospel to the lost. It was as if each person in the fellowship was an active minister in his or her individual community. This wonderful, loving group of people would come together on Sunday to worship and be fed the Word. I found myself attending services there more often, and learned the true depth of their commitment to bringing the saving grace of Jesus Christ to a hurting and disenfranchised inner-city Minneapolis.

JICF seems to be an umbrella for an ever-expanding variety of urgently-needed ministries, ranging from Bible studies, worship music, addiction recovery, help for abused women, mentoring for those struggling in life, and even programs to adopt families living in poverty, showing them God’s love by providing them with an amazing Christmas experience. Also, JICF partners with other ministries aimed at bringing urban and suburban pastors together to bring unity to the Church. JICF also hosts classes in Christian leadership and in teaching life skills for those who have never had the opportunity to learn how to manage their finances and set goals to enable them to rise out of poverty! With the support of our pastoral team, one of my personal callings is to connect with the Native American people, a wonderful and unique community in such desperate need of Jesus Christ.

I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for Jesus In The City! Of one thing I’m certain – our team will bring the heart of Jesus to those who are in the greatest need in a committed, humble and joy-filled way. Why don’t you join us?



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