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Pastor Van Dickerson

After growing up in a drug infested neighborhood of Chicago, Pastor Van Dickerson, eventually relocated to Minneapolis where he found Jesus.  Van is a strong godly Christian man, a son, a father, a grandfather and a recovered addict. Van is a quiet man, but God has other plans and has brought him to a place where his old habits, can now help reach lost souls caught in the web of addictions. Van works as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, a faith based drug and alcohol treatment facility. God has transformed his life and now he wants to continue helping others as a pastor of JICF. Van says; "I have found that my life is so much richer when I have someone to share what I have learned."

My Story

As the Mentoring Pastor, Bible Study leader and speaker at Metro Hope Recovery Center in Minneapolis, Van is committed to reaching out to those who are homeless, impoverished, mentally ill, and suffering from addictions. Van states;   "through outreach, mentoring, and counseling, we can assist others in transformating their lives. We are focusing on meeting people’s spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical needs at JICF."

For fun, Van leads a men's basketball group. He Van states with conviction; "I will continue to share my testimony, to make a positive change in the lives of those that God has chosen to put in my path. Praise God, and I look forward to meeting you soon at JICF."



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